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Enable your customers to listen to the television of their choice through their Smartphone.

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A Unique Product Unlike Anything in the Market

SyncHear is that cool product that will make your customers take notice and continue to come back.

SyncHear helps you increase your revenue by increasing the length of your customers stay that means they're spending more money with you. Customers who use the system will return more often and tell their friends, and SyncHear provides analytical data on customers to understand usage and trends. SyncHear gives customers a unique sound experience by enabling them to choose what they want to listen to. Studies shows this leads to a greater experience and overall customer satisfaction. And, customers who want to listen to television can, and those who don't have a better experience as well.

Provide a full entertainment experience in your gym for users on cardio machines or working on free weights.


Stand out in a retail environment where users can listen to your content wherever they are.

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Reduce the ambient sound of blaring televisions in the terminal as users engage with the content they want.

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Where you have multiple televisions having the sound up on all of them is not an option...until now.