SyncHear enables individuals to listen to audio from the television of their choice through their Smartphone. By providing consumers a customized listening experience, owners can grow their profits through increased visits, lengthening customer engagement and ongoing customer loyalty.

SyncHear works with any video stream (e.g. cable, satellite, video player) and communicates through a base station directly with a user's mobile device. Your customers listen to the audio through the SyncHear mobile application which is available on the Apple Store or Google Play. The audio for the program they see on the television is streamed to their Smartphone and can be heard using their speaker, connected earpiece or headphones. We provide you everything you need to make your customers aware of the product including signage and promotional materials so your customers can start listening right away!.

Users can choose to listen to any program from any television that they see and if they want to listen to a different television, can instantly switch as easily as they would change channels using a standard remote control.


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